Pharmacy Savings

Save as much as 90% when buying prescription medicine at any pharmacy in the nation. Coverage includes major chains like CVS, Walgreens, Target, Walmart, RiteAid and many more.

Rx Price Management

Simply let us know what prescription medicine you need and our Rx experts will direct you to the best price at a pharmacy near you.

Dental Care Savings

Activate the dental care savings program and gain access to dental care with savings of as much as 50% in a network of more than 210,000 dentists nationwide.  You are certain to get excellent care from a dentist near you.

Orthodontist Savings

Activate Dental Braces Savings and save thousands if your or your children have a need for braces. Get braces from our national network of orthodontists and save thousands on the expenses of braces.

Dental Concierge

With Dental Concierge, members gain access to any dentist or dental care facility in the nation at the lowest acceptable dental care contract rates. This means access to any dentist and save as much as 50% on care, while getting complete concierge treatment.

Tele-Health | MDLive

Gain access to over thousands of doctors who are available to you via telephone or video conference. Our doctors will diagnose your symptoms and are able to prescribe common medicine without the need for an expensive doctors office visit.

Doctor Care

Save as much as 50% on doctor or specialist care while having access to any doctor in the nation by taking advantage of the Any Doctor Concierge Service. Members receive excellence in service, care, and cost.

Eye and Vision Care

Save as much as 30% on your next Eye Exam, Glasses, Frame, Lens, or Contact Lens purchase at a large network of vision centers. You are sure to find a participating vision center near you.

Imaging Services

Get Imaging, Advanced Imaging, X-Ray, MRI, CT and PET Scan services from participating imaging centers at a reduced price.

Tele-Medicine | 24-Hour Virtual Clinic

Gain access to the 24 Hour Virtual Clinic doctors with a simple telephone or video conference 24 hours per day. Hundreds of doctors are standing by and will diagnose your non-urgent symptoms, will prescribe needed medicine and have it filled at any pharmacy near you.  All without the need for a visit to a doctor’s office, waiting for an appointment or paying a co-pay.

Chiropractic LifeCare

Reduce your out-of-pocket chiropractic care expenses by as much as 40% when receiving chiropractic care from a highly qualified network of over 5,000 chiropractors and chiropractic care facilities.

Chiropractor Concierge

With Chiropractor Concierge, members gain access to every chiropractor and chiropractic care facility in the nation and are ensured the lowest chiropractic care rates by using our dedicated Any Doctor Concierge desk.

Podiatry Care

Adding the Podiatry Access gives you access to podiatrists and specialized healthcare providers who participate in our contracted network of thousands of doctors with savings of as much as 60%.

Self-Order Laboratory Testing

Get access to physician approved laboratory testing services almost anywhere in the United States. The National Advisory Team and Physician Network help to make sure that the laboratory testing you order will help you take control of your own healthcare needs and expenses.

STD Testing Services

Access to fast and fully confidential and private STD testing services. Testing takes 5 minutes and you know your results within 2 days.

Hearing Aids and Testing

Access to over 5,000 Hearing Centers with Hearing Aid Savings of as much as 60% as well as free batteries and product warranties.

Diabetic Management

Adding the Diabetic Management Service opens access deeply discounted diabetic supplies and care from specialized diabetic treatment healthcare providers.

Medical Bill Negotiation

Members who have incurred larger medical expenses and feel that they are overpaying for the care and services received can engage our professional medical bill negotiation service to review and negotiate a bill reduction on their behalf. Generally, a reduction is face value by as much as 45% can be achieved.


Organic Groceries

We all know how important it is to eat right and avoid harmful chemicals.   Our members now can order organic groceries and produce directly from Green Polka Dot Box and have everything delivered directly to their front door.

Weight Loss & Management

Members gain access to a wealth of resources, products and services to help facilitate a healthy lifestyle, weight management and weight loss.

Stop Smoking Assistance

Members can now get access to a wealth of information and help when they are looking to stop smoking.


Roadside Assistance

Members activate and enroll in the National Safe Drivers Auto Club, where they have access to 24/7 roadside assistance and towing services. NSD responds fast and tows farther than the AAA roadside assistance program.

Tax Service Savings

This comprehensive tax program provides members with free & discounted tax return preparation and unlimited, toll-free, tax related advice during normal business hours. Additionally, members will have access to deep discounts on most tax services, including tax advice, tax return preparation, audit assistance, review of prior year returns and audit assistance.

Pet Care Savings

Members receive a 25% discount on all in-house veterinary services from any Pet Assure participating veterinary practice, no questions asked. The discount is on office visits, exams, vaccines, elective procedures, surgeries and hospitalization.

Life Event Counseling

The member and their family will have toll free access to behavioral health experts 24/7, 365 days a year. All calls are answered directly by licensed  clinical staff and all services are handled with complete confidentiality.  Life Events can include marital, parent-child, substance abuse, emotional, legal/financial, childcare, eldercare problems, as well as many other personal challenges or stresses. The member their family are entitled to unlimited telephonic counseling per episode.

Financial Counseling

Financial Education and Credit Counseling Services provide the member and their family with personalized financial and credit counseling services 24/7, 365 days per year. We provide access to counseling and financial education through a variety of delivery methods including telephone, online tools and live chat sessions.


Shopping and Retail

Take advantage of shopping offers that help you save money.

Groceries and Food

Gain access to discounts, savings, and coupons for all your grocery and grocery store needs.

Dining and Restaurants

Take advantage of Restaurant and Dining Savings, Discounts, Coupons and Gift Card offers that can save you hundreds of dollars when dining out.

Travel and Vacations

Take advantage of savings, discounts, coupons, deals and exclusive offers when booking vacations, cruises, hotels, flights, cars and event tickets.   Save hundreds if not thousands when traveling.

Home and Garden

Take advantage of special offers, discounts and local deals when shopping for home and garden products and services.


Everyone needs to service their car, buy replacement parts so why not save some money when the need arrises.

Department Stores

Take advantage of special offers, discounts and local deals when shopping for home and garden products and services.

Entertainment and Events

Take advantage of savings, discounts, coupons, deals and exclusive offers when taking on your next recreational activity and attending events.