Access To Thousands Doctors Nationwide With No Visit Fee or Co-Pay

Doctors Care Without Co-Pay or Visit Fee

Members who elect to activate the Doctors Care Services have access to a network of thousands of doctors in the US and will save hundreds if not thousands on avoidable healthcare expenses each year, if care is needed.

The average Emergency Room visit cost $750, and 70% of emergency room visits are for non-urgent care.  The average Urgent Care facility visit will costs $150 and most urgent care facility visits are for non-emergency care.

Having access to our doctors network makes sure you and your family members  when care is needed and without having to worry about the cost of a visit fee, consultation fee, or co-pay.

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Doctors Care Program Overview

The Doctors Care Service is NOT insurance and is not intended to replace insurance. Members that do not currently have health insurance insurance have the ability to receive consultation with contracted network doctors without having to pay a visit fee, consultation fee, or co-pay.  The goal is to provide access to a wide range of healthcare professionals and care specialties and to ensure that the needs of our members are met, at affordable prices, when they are needed.

The Doctors Care Service drastically reduces out-of-pocket responsibility for care received when members do not have insurance. There are no restrictions or limits on how many times you can use this service.

Service Features:

– Access – No more worrying about unexpected consultation fees, visit fees, on co-pays when non-urgent care is needed for an enrolled family member.

– Savings – FREE consultations

– Availability – Nationwide network of thousands of physicians

– All information is private, secure and confidential

Provider Performance Facts:

– 97% Member satisfaction

– 97% Physician satisfaction

– 90% Of patient issues resolved

– 0 Malpractice claims


Doctors Care Service Usage Instructions

Simply follow these instructions and get affordable doctors care.

Step 1.  Activate The Doctors Care Service

If you have not already activated the Doctors Care Service,  simply do so now by purchasing an  access point.  You may even get the Doctors Care Service for FREE by purchasing service access at the $20 per monthy level as indicated in our access fee table.

Step 2 – Finding A Participating Doctor

With the Doctors Care Service you have access to doctors across the nation.  Simply call Sociallity at 1-888-628-6284 and select the Doctors Care Service  option to be connected to your Health Advocate.

Your Health Advocate will validate your eligibility and help you find the right doctor to take care of your non-urgent medical needs.

Step 3.  Schedule An Appointment

Your Health Advocate will schedule your consultation with a network doctor.

THIS PROGRAM COMPONENT OF THE SOCIALLITY ACCESSNOW SERVICE is not a discounted plan and standard rates for services apply