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Secure Personal Health Records

Members who have elected to activate the Medical Record service can create and maintain their Personal Health Records (PHR) securely and private in the  Personal Health Record system.

Our Medical is a cloud based online PHR that is safe, secure and Always Available.

It is an easy-to-use, private, and reliable way for you to store your medical records so they are available anytime anywhere, 24/7/365.

Members can access your PHR through any computer, smartphone, or tablet with Internet access

Service Overview

How you can benefit with Secure Medical Record Vault


Our Medical Record System is completely independent, is designed to meet or exceed HIPAA requirements, and is committed to your privacy and the safety of your data. We won’t share your personal information.


The Membership is yours for a low monthly or yearly fee and gives you valuable benefits and features. The basic FREE plan costs you nothing.


Away from home? Retrieve your health records and send them to a doctor from your smartphone or tablet computer, or anywhere you have Internet access.

Fast & Easy

Save time at every doctor visit. With one click, send your health form via our secure messaging system rather than filling out the doctor’s clipboard.

Life-Saving Knowledge

Allergic to some drugs? Got an existing medical condition? Your Dashboard page sums it up, helping doctors give you the best treatment possible.

Family Focused

Create and manage accounts for your whole family, or anyone else in your care. Our Medical Record System can help you with daily care and during medical emergencies.


Upload and store records of any kind: lab results, X-rays, medications, notes, self-care instructions, MRI scans, herbal recipes, prescriptions, and more.


The Medical Record System is designed for ease of use. Our website makes it easy to upload, manage, and retrieve your information.

Alternative Medicine

Our Medical Record System is set up to accommodate medical treatments of all kinds: doctor visits, hospital stays, acupuncture, physical therapy, and more.


What is the Medical Record System?

The Medical Record System is a cloud-based online Personal Health Record (PHR) that is safe, secure, and Always Available™.

It is an easy-to-use, private, and reliable way for you to store your confidential medical records online, so they are available anytime anywhere, 24/7/365.You can access you Medical Record on any computer, smartphone, or tablet computer with Internet access.

Our Medical Record System helps you manage your own healthcare, helps doctors with diagnosis and emergency treatment, and gives you control over your own confidential health records.

Why Use Our Medical Record System?

The Medical Record System is easy to use and affordable, regardless of your income, insurance coverage, or health conditions. It makes your vital medical information available wherever you go, whenever you need it, and provides several key benefits:

  • Makes your life-saving medical information available during emergencies.
  • Helps you understand and track your medical conditions.
  • Saves you time and hassle in managing your medical records and medical care.
  • Helps you get better, safer, more consistent care from your doctors through instant access to your medical history.

How is our Medical Record System different?

Of all the PHR solutions out there, our Medical Record System distinguishes itself by emphasizing privacy, security, and reliability.


You control your medical records and you control who sees them. We won’t share your personal information with anyone, unlike some PHR providers. Our privacy policy prohibits us from selling, renting, or giving away your data unless required by law, so you can trust our Medical Record System with your most sensitive medical records.


Patent-pending military-grade encryption technology scrambles your data so only you will be able to read or edit it, using your own encryption key. Not even our staff can read your records. During upload and download, your data is protected by SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) encryption to prevent eavesdropping.


Our Medical Record System uses patented Always Available™ technology and advanced “cloud computing” data hosting that provides virtually 100% safety from outages. We’ve built our systems to be highly resistant to disasters and other events that could knock out an ordinary online service so if you have Internet access your records are always just a few clicks away.

The Medical Record System is very flexible and accommodating. Our medical record forms give you over 1,200 data fields and you can enter as much or as little of your medical information as you want. We add new features and capabilities regularly, to help you customize your record the way you need it.

Who Should Use Our Medical Record System?

You don’t need your doctor’s permission. Our Medical Record System was designed for anyone to use, including:

  • Parents with young children
  • Senior Citizens who want to maintain health and independence
  • Anyone who travels
  • Anyone caring for elderly or disabled family members
  • And anyone who just needs somewhere safe and accessible to keep their medical history and records.

Usage Instructions

Simply follow these instructions to activate your Secure Personal Heath Records.

Step 1 – Activate Secure Health Record Program 

Your Secure Health Record access is activated as a permanent add-on service to your Sociallity Access Level selection.

Once you have activated the service, you will receive an email with instructions on how to access your ZenVault account.

Step 2 – Start Maintaining Your Health Records