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Members who have activated the Organic Health Benefit have access a wealth of information of organic product and life.  Members gain access to merchants, websites, products and services that are dedicated to helping individuals live a healthier life with organic groceries and products.

Members save as much at 60% of organic groceries and products when shopping with the Sociallity Organic partners and receive their now affordable organic groceries and products delivered directly to their front door.

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Benefit Overview
Organic Life Benefit Overview

Members receive discounts on organic groceries through The Green PolkaDot Box™.  Orders are placed online directly through the website and products are delivered to the member’s doorstep.  Discounts apply to organic products such as food, personal care items, household goods, baby supplies, pet supplies, supplements and natural remedies.  In addition, members are rewarded and receive HealthCare Coins for every purchase.

Benefit Features:

– Discounts on organic products

– Delivery of products to the members doorstep

– Members earn HealthCare Coins for every purchase

Living An Organic Lifestyle
Live An Organic Lifestyle

Living an organic lifestyle means living in a way that is healthful for you and for the environment. It is a lifestyle that encourages thoughtful, intelligent and responsible decision-making so that the choices you make have a positive impact for you and the earth.

Eat organic food. Eating food that is grown without the use of chemicals not only contributes to your health, it reduces the negative impact on the planet. Food that is produced using chemical insecticides, herbicides and harmful fertilizers ultimately affects the environment. These harmful substances soak into the soil and eventually get deposited into the ground water, lakes and streams. By demanding organically produced food, you and others like you, send the message that chemically processed food is unmarketable. When that happens, growers will depend less and less on harmful additives that contaminate our food supply. Start introducing organic foods into your diet:

  • Grow your own organic fruits and vegetables. If space is at a premium, try growing small pots of organic herbs indoors. Everything you can grow yourself will save you money and improve your health.
  • Avoid buying meat and dairy products that contain hormones. The synthetic hormones that are fed to cattle in order to hasten their trip to the slaughterhouse have negative effects on your health; these hormones survive the cooking process and end up in your body. Synthetic hormones given to cows to increase milk production are especially harmful to children and have been shown to increase the age of puberty.[2]
  • Find ways that will help reduce your grocery bill. Most often, organic foods cost more because the cost of getting organically certified gets passed on to the consumer.

Use organic cleaning products. Just as with food, manufactures infuse common household cleaning products with harsh chemicals that are harmful to your health. Many natural products clean just as well, and they are inexpensive. Four of the best natural cleaning products are vinegar, salt, baking soda and borax. You probably already have some or all of these in your cupboards. A paste of baking soda and water cleans counter tops and greasy pans, as well as bathtubs and sinks. Vinegar added to the laundry rinse water naturally softens your clothes.

Consider switching to organic personal hygiene products. Soaps and skin care products that are manufactured with chemicals and additives are absorbed directly into your skin. You can buy soap that is made with pure essential oils and natural oils such as jojoba, olive or coconut. Look for skin care products that are certified organic. You can also purchase organic makeup and perfume.

Drive a fuel-efficient car. You don’t necessarily have to own a hybrid, but do consider switching to a car with better gas mileage. And even if you get excellent gas mileage, try to avoid unnecessary trips. Combine your errands so that you travel as little as possible in your car. If possible, walk or ride a bike instead of driving your car.

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