Tired Of Expensive Vet Bills? Save 25 % On All Future Pet Care.

Pet Care Savings With Pet Assure

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The cost of veterinary care has more than doubled in the last 7 years and keeps on rising. Pet Assure will save you hundreds of dollars on your pets’ medical services.

Members who have elected to activate the Pet Care Savings Program now have access to thousands of veterinarian offices nationwide who are part of the Pet Assure Pet Care Savings Network and will save 25% on all future veterinarian care for all the pets in their household.  There are absolutely no exclusions and saving are in effect regardless of the age or health of your pet.

The only items not discounted are Non-medical services, e.g., routine grooming and boarding, Outsourced services, blood work sent to a lab or an outside specialist, Mobile vet mileage fees, Products taken home as well as food and flea preventatives.

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Benefit Overview

Our Pet Care Savings Program is a simple, better, and cheaper alternative to pet insurance

Our Pet Care Savings Program is cheaper and easier to manage than any pet insurance plan, and has no hidden surprises or exclusions. Compare pet insurance to Pet Assure and decide for yourself.

Pet Insurance policy holders generally only receive 55% – 60% of the annual policy cost in returned value when getting veterinarian care for their pets.  This generally happens because pet insurance policies and filled with exclusions and benefit limitations.

Our Pet Care Savings Program, provide by Pet Assure, has no limitation, is easy to understand and is welcomed by a large network of veterinarians nationwide.   Pet Care Savings Program members generally save 100% – 400% of the annual membership cost and save money of every vet visit without limitations.

Veterinarian Payment and Claims

With Pet Insurance the policy holder must pay in full at time of service. Then, file an insurance claim and wait to see if the insurer will approve the claim and send payment. Insurance also has deductibles which means that a certain portion of your first claim each year is not covered.

With Pet Assure, there are no claim forms. Our member simply show their benefit card at a participating veterinarian and they will deduct 25% off all regularly priced, in-house medical services at the time of payment.

Care Coverage and Limitations

Pet insurance policies do not cover treatment, or at the very least seriously limit coverage for hundreds of conditions, such as hip dysplasia, congenital disorders and cruciate ligament injuries. Most will not cover “high-risk” pets, pregnancies, pre-existing and hereditary conditions. Many pet insurance companies will not even allow you to renew an annual policy if your pet develops a serious condition.

With Pet Assure, your pet’s age, breed or health condition does not matter. Every pet qualifies with absolutely no limitations or exclusions. Even pre-existing and hereditary conditions are welcome and thousands of veterinarians are standing by the provide excellent care for our members beloved pet members of their families.

Vet Care

Instant Veterinarian Care Savings

Simply present your Sociallity Member ID Card at any participating veterinary practice and they will reduce your bill for all in-house medical services by 25% . The savings include but is not limited to the following veterinarian care:

  • Office Visits & Exams
  • Vaccines & Shots
  • Elective Procedures (e.g., dental care)
  • Surgery (e.g., spaying & neutering, emergency surgery)
  • Hospitalization (in Network)
  • Any other medical service and procedure!

There are no annual limits, no deductibles and no waiting periods. There is no pet’s health disclosure needed, because every pet is covered regardless of health issues that exist now or that may arise in the future. Should your pet have any pre-existing conditions, our network veterinarians will gladly care from it and still reduce the medical care service invoice by 25%.

What’s included In The Pet Care Savings Program

Your Pet Care Savings may not be combined with other discounts, coupons or service packages.

– Allergy Treatments

– Dental Exams, X-rays & Cleanings

– Diabetes Management

– Elective & Emergency Surgeries

– Geriatric Care

– Hospitalization

– Parasite Screening

The only items not subject to price reductions are: a) Non-medical services, e.g., routine grooming and boarding, b) Outsourced services, e.g., blood work sent to a lab or an outside specialist, c) Mobile vet mileage fees, d) Products taken home, e.g., food and flea preventatives and e) Medications.

Lost Pets

FREE Lost Pet Service Is Included

We know that you worry about losing your beloved pet. With our Lost Pet Recovery Service you needn’t worry any longer. Included with your Pet Assure membership is a unique Pet ID tag for each pet.

Each tag has a unique ID number and our Toll Free 24/7 Lost Recovery Service number. Simply secure the tag to your pet’s collar and rest assured knowing that if your pet does run away, Pet Assure will do everything to return him home.

Anyone that finds your pet can call the 24-7 Lost Pet Recovery Toll-Free number and provide the ID number displayed on your pet’s tag. Our operators will look up all contact information tied to that unique ID number and go right to work. They’ll call your home, your work, your cell phone and every emergency contact you provided until they find you!

If you lose your pet, it should be as easy as possible for the finder to return him/her. An electronic chip requires a visit to the vet or a shelter that scans lost pets for microchips (most don’t). Your home phone number on the tag will not be much help if you are not home and very often pets get lost while on vacation and away from home.

How The Process Works

Step 1 – Attach the unique Pet ID tag to your pets collar

Step 2 – Your lost pet is found by someone else

Step 3 – Lost Pet Operators keep calling all the numbers you provided, until they reach you

Step 4 – Your Pet get home safe and sound



Invoice Balance Obligation

In order for your veterinarian to accept the reduced care rates, the invoice balance must be paid in full at the time of the visit.   If payment in full is not possible, the savings may not be achieved.   If payment in full is a concern, you may qualify for payment flexibility thru Sociallity or low interest pet care financing.