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Simply activate our FREE Rx Reward Card and immediately start saving as much as 90% on all future prescription medicine purchases you need.

The prescription card are welcomed and accepted at more than 64,000 independent and retail pharmacies including all major retail pharmacies like Walgreens, CVS, Walmart, Target, Duane Reade, Kroger, Rite Aid, Publix and many more.

Members get the best possible value when filling needed prescription medicine orders using their Sociallity Card.   They get the best possible pricing on the medicine they need and earn FREE healthcare with Healthcare Coins on every prescription medicine filling.

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Members are now able to purchase Prescription Medicine at nearly every Pharmacy in the United States.   Our Prescription Medicine Savings Program not only offers great savings but enables Members to take simple actions that can help save them even more.

With our Prescription Savings Program, Members have access to more than 64,000 Pharmacies, including all major retail pharmacies and most independently operated pharmacies.

Our Prescription Program is NOT an insurance product.  When purchasing and refilling Prescription Medicine at any of the more than 64,000 participating Pharmacies, Members may see their Prescription Medicine bill reduced by up to 90% and earn FREE Healthcare with Healthcare Coins every time.

Prescription Medicine pricing is complex and designed to maximize profit, not to supply the needed Prescription Medicine to Patients at a fair cost.  Prices may vary by Pharmacy location, day and even the time of day  an order is placed.

We work with our Members to ensure they not only save money when buying Prescription Medicine but also get the best possible price and earn Healthcare Coins every time a Prescription Medicine order is filled.

Using our Prescription Medicine Savings Program is easy, just present your Member ID Card to your Pharmacist.

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Saving Money On Prescriptions Could Not Be Any Easier

Our partner Pharmacy Network has more than 64,000 Pharmacy locations in the US. Members can get their Prescription Medicine at every major retail Pharmacy Chain Store, as well as most independently operated Pharmacies at savings of 10% – 70%.

Simply present your Sociallity Member ID Card to the Pharmacist when ordering your prescription.  The Pharmacist simply enters your Member ID Number and Rx ID into their Pharmacy Management System and the price of the Prescription Medicine is reduced.

Members earn Healthcare Coins every time Prescription Medicine is purchased using their Member ID.  Healthcare Coins may also be used to pay for Prescription Medicine purchases.

Value Added Prescription Medicine Program

If you are currently enrolled in a Health Insurance Program without Prescription Coverage, the Prescription Medicine portion of our Health Program is a great way to save thousands on your Prescription Medicine purchases every year.

No Health Insurance Required

Our Prescription Program is great for people who do not carry Health Insurance and are tired of paying prices that are far higher than what people with Health Insurance are paying.  With our Prescription Medicine benefits, members get the same Prescription Medicine prices as people with Health Insurance, but without paying a monthly Fee.

Same Products, But For Less

You receive the same Prescription Medicine from the same Pharmacies.  You simply pay less when presenting your Member ID Card.

Works Just About Everywhere

Just about every Pharmacy is contractually obligated to accept our Health Program. That means you can get your Prescription Medicine at most independently owned Pharmacies, as well as ALL major retail Pharmacies.  This includes major retailers like Walgreens, CVS, Walmart, Rite Aid, Kroger, Target, Duane Reade, Publix, and many more.  Simply search for a participating Pharmacy near you using our Pharmacy Locator Tool.

Best Priced Prescription Medicine

Prices of Prescription Medicines change frequently and vary based on Pharmacy, Medicine Type, and often even the time of day you choose to fill your Prescription Medicine order.  To ensure best pricing, we encourage Members to contact several Pharmacies and ask for pricing before placing their Prescription Medicine order.

Do I have to pay the invoice balance?

Yes. The Prescription Program is not an Insurance Product. We simply ensure that your Prescription Medicine cost is drastically reduced.  You may however be able to use Healthcare Coins to pay for, or even finance the invoice balance.

Can I finance the invoice balance?

Although there is generally no Financing available for Prescription Medicine purchases, you may qualify for a Pay-Day Loan, or be able to use Healthcare Coins to pay in whole or in part for your responsible portion of any Prescription Medicine purchase.

Are there any restrictions?

No. There are absolutely no restrictions or limits on how many times you can use this benefit, or get the discounts offered by our Healthcare benefit program.

Is this an Insurance product?

No. The Prescription Medicine portion our Health Program is a value added program for individual and Families, who either don’t have Health Insurance, or don’t have Prescription coverage as part of their Health Insurance program.   Depending on your Health or anticipated Healthcare expenses, it may be recommended to add Insurance to minimize your out-of-pocket expenses.

Should Value Added Insurance Be Considered?

Our Benefits are comprehensive and in many cases eliminate the need for full-coverage and expensive Health Insurance.  However, depending on your Health and/or anticipated Healthcare expenses, we may recommend a perfect match Value Added Insurance Product.

Monthly and Annual Fees or Premiums

There are no monthly or annual Fees or Premiums.   You simply present you Member ID Card to your local Pharmacist and the price of your Prescription Medicine purchase is reduced.

What pricing should I expect to receive?

Pricing will vary depending on the Pharmacy location, and the Prescription Medicine purchased.  However, the savings are generally  between 10% and 70%.

Best Price

Most of us overpay when purchasing Prescription Medicine simply because we, like most do, assume that the price for Prescription Medicine is fixed and does not change.

However, the price of Prescription Medicine in fact varies greatly from one Pharmacy to another and is often changed depending on the Day and Time Of Day a Prescription Medicine order is placed.

We work with our Pharmacy partners to provide tools that will enable our Members to be directed to the local Pharmacy offering the needed Prescription Medicine at the best price.  We anticipate that this feature will be available in the Winter of 2015.

Until that time, please consider the following before purchasing Prescription Medicine. These simple considerations will have you hundreds in yearly Prescription Medicine expenses.

Step 1.  Consider The Nature Of Your Prescription Medicine Purchase

Prescription Medicine is generally categorized as either 1)  I am sick and need it now, or 2) It is a maintenance Medicine that will be refilled many times.

It is a maintenance Medicine and will be refilled many times

Generally Prescription Medicine purchased at an Online Pharmacy are cheaper than those purchased through Retail Pharmacies.  Members who need this type of Prescriptions Medicine should consider placing their Prescription Medicine orders with our Online Pharmacy Partner.

Use our Online Pharmacy Pricing Tool to compare Prices.   Since the Prices for different dosage amount change very little, we recommend that Members purchase larger dosages and use a “Pill Cutter”.   Learn About Taking Advantage Of Larger Dosages

I am sick and need my Prescription Medicine Now

For Prescription Medicine that needs to be purchased immediately, We recommend that several local Pharmacies are contracted to compare pricing.   Use our Pharmacy Locator Tool To Find Your Local Pharmacy

However, commonly prescribed Medicine can often be had for FREE or at huge discounts from your local Grocery Stores.   You can explore all Local Grocery Store Offers using our Grocery Prescription Medicine Portal.

Use our Online Pharmacy Pricing Tool to compare Prices.   Since the Prices for different dosage amount change very little, we recommend that Members purchase larger dosages and use a “Pill Cutter”.   Learn About Taking Advantage Of Larger Dosages

Step 2.  Place Your Prescription Medicine Order And Save

Once you have explored all pricing possibilities, place your Prescription Medicine order and pick-op your Prescription Medicine.

Keep in mind, if you are placing your Prescription Medicine order with a Participating Pharmacy, you must present your Member ID to save 10% – 70%.

Local Deals

Many Grocery Stores and Large Retailers who have in-store Pharmacies offer commonly prescribed Medicines for FREE or at huge discounts.

These larger Retailers and Grocery Stores offer these highly discounted and Free Prescription Medicines because they hope that a person coming to their store will take advantage of the savings, and will spend the waiting period shopping.

There are however no obligations to do so, and the offered Prescription Medicine savings are offered with no strings attached.  Simply find and explore the Prescription Medicine offers and take advantage of huge savings.

Explore our Grocery & Retail Store Portal by following these steps, and see if you can save.

Step 1.  View Offers By Grocery Stores & Retailers Near Your

We are always searching for Prescription Medicine savings for our Members.  Simply follow the link for each Grocery Store or Retail Chain Store in your local area and explore their current Prescription Medicine offers.

Publix  —  FREE Prescription Program

Target  —  $4 Generic Program

Walmart  —  $4 For 30-Day, $10 For 90-Day Supply Prescription Program

Winn Dixie  —  $4 For 30-Day, $10 For 90-Day Supply Generic Prescription Program

Kroger  —  $4 For 30-Day, $10 For 90-Day Supply Generic Prescription Program

Ingles  —  $3 Generic Prescription Club Program

Wegmans  —  $4 For 30-Day, $10 For 90-Day Supply Generic Prescription Program

Step 2.  Visit Your Local Pharmacy & Get Your Prescription Medicine

Once a local Grocery Store or Retail Store savings offer on your Prescription Medicine has been identified, simply visit the store and get your Prescription Medicine.

 Remember, even if your local Pharmacy does not offer the needed Prescription Medicine as part of their savings incentive program, you will still receive a 10% – 70% discount when using your Member ID.  Locate A Participating Pharmacy Now

 Simply present your Member ID to the Pharmacist and see your Prescription Medicine cost reduced.


Just Follow These Easy Steps To Save On Prescription Medicine

Step 1.  Get your Member ID Card

If you don’t already have your FREE Member ID, simply complete the enrollment form and you will immediately receive your Member ID Card via email.   There are no monthly fees or charges.  All that is needed to receive your Member ID Card is your name,  phone number, and email address.  You will be asked to create a user name and password to be able to login in your account.

Step 2.  Locate A Local Pharmacy or Order Online

In order to reduce your Prescription Medicine cost by 10% – 70%, you must purchase your Prescription Medicine from a Participating Pharmacy.  There are more than 64,000 participating Pharmacies, which includes all major Retail and most independently operated Pharmacies .  Please use our Pharmacy Locator to find a local Pharmacy, or order your Prescription Medicine directly from our Online Pharmacy Partner.

Step 3.  Plan ahead

Prescription Medicine expenses are often unexpected and can effect your budget. Although Prescription Medicine are generally not financed, we do offer a wide range of Medical Financing options, including short term Pay-Day loans, for which you can apply before making your Prescription Medicine Purchase.

Step 4.  Reduce The Cost Of Your Prescription Medicine

At the Pharmacy simply present you Member ID Card to the Pharmacist and they will process your Prescription Medicine Order through their Pharmacy Management System to determine your discount.  Depending on the Pharmacy Location and the Prescription Medicine, you will see your bill reduced by 10% to 70%.

Step 5.  Use for all future Prescription Medicine Purchases & Doctor Visits

There are no restrictions on how often you can use our product and you will see your price of your PrescriptIon Medicine reduced each time you visit a participating Pharmacy or place an order with our Online Pharmacy Partner.

 Keep in mind that our benefits include far more than just Prescription Medicine savings.   Members save and earn Free Healthcare Coins on a wide range and Healthcare and Retail services and products.

Price Check

You can now check the price of your prescription medicine filling before you go to the pharmacy. If you would like to know what your Prescription Medicine order or refill will cost when filling your prescription using your Sociallity Health Benefit card, simply enter the name of the prescription medicine you need and get an instant price.

The Prescription Medicine Savings component of the AccessNow service is available without the purchase of an AccessNow Access Point, and is included in the Free Rx Reward Card at no charge.